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  • Pictures at an African Exhibition named as Downbeat Magazine editor's pick

    Designed as a narrative supported by 13 works from British visual artist David Emmanuel Noel, Pictures At An African Exhibition engages in tracing the history of humankind through song.

     Based on Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition, which the pianist wrote after visiting a museum and used what hung in galleries as a starting point, saxophonist Darryl Yokley claims the concept in order to compose a corrective history of humankind while nakedly shuttling emotion through his instrument.  To read the full Editor's pick article please visit


  • Yokley In Concert

Darryl Yokley has recently been recognized in the magazine In Concert along with many other great jazz artists including the piano virtuoso, Danilo Perez.  Yokley was approached to be in this edition for his work on his debut album, The Void, which was released back in 2012 and which garnered interest in his latest projects.  In this edition you can read about Yokley, his career, and his upcoming plans including the production of his sophomore album which will be released in 2016.  To read the full article please click here and go to pages 14-16. 

  • Interview with Free Fall Jazz

A few weeks ago Sound Reformation's debut album The Void received a favorable review from Niccolo Carli at Free Fall Jazz.  It was a pleasant surprise considering the album was released back in 2012 and the fact that it is still being recognized as a fresh work is a good sign of the longevity of the Yokley's music as well as the bands sound.  In addition to the review of The Void, Yokley was also interviewed by Mr. Carli for the jazz blog.  Among the topics under discussion were Yokley's background on how he got started down the path towards a musical career, how he formed Sound Reformation, his plans for his upcoming sophmore CD, and much more.  It was a great interview enjoyed by both Yokley and Carli, and it's pretty safe to say, there will be more discussions to come when Yokley's sophomore CD comes out.

      To read the interview with Free Fall Jazz please click here and be sure to check back for more developments as Sound Reformation gets ready to perform in Washington D.C. next month at Twins Jazz Club, as well as getting ready to record their second album.


  • The Void receives warm reception in Italy

It has been almost three years since Darryl Yokley and Sound Reformation released their debut album The Void, and it is still receiving attention from jazz lovers all over the world.  Recently performing the music in Japan, the music from The Void was well received by audiences in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka, and many copies of the album were sold at each performance.  Upon his return to the states Yokley was interviewed by Niccolo Carli of the online Jazz Blog, Free Fall Jazz based in Italy.  Yokley was asked to do the interview while on tour in Japan, and the interview was released just this past Friday.  With Yokley already looking ahead to recording his second album with Sound Reformation later this year, he found it quite a pleasant surprise that his debut album is still being embraced by audiences and that it is still receiving attention as if it were released just recently.  He hopes this second project will be received with just as much enthusiasm and have just as much longevity of desire among jazz lovers out there, although that shouldn't be a problem with a supportive case with the likes of Zaccai Curtis, Luques Curtis, Wayne Smith Jr., and special guest Nasheet Waits on drums.

        Please check out this review by Nicollo Carli on the online jazz blog Free Fall Jazz and read about Darryl Yokley and Sound Reformation's debut album and more!  The Void made it to the international stage in Japan, so perhaps a venture to Italy will be happening soon as well.  Stay tuned!

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