"Yokley’s music is the source material for this CD and is by itself complete, When the listener also takes time to pair the music with Noel’s artwork for each track (easily accessible online), the aesthetic reward doubles. Mussorgsky and painter Vicktor Hartmann found each other and created a masterpiece together. So too, composer Darryl Yokley and visual artist David Emmanuel Noel. Art begets art."

-Daniel Kepl, Performing Arts Review

David Emmanuel Noel

      David Emmanuel Noel is a British born artist, designer and illustrator based in London and New York.  He has exhibited widely in solo and group shows in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and the United States, collaborating with artists such as R’nB Singer Martine Girault and the Grammy Award nominated US Band Kloud 9 in cross disciplinary art initiatives.
       He has worked with charities and organizations such as UK health service agencies, New York Mayor’s Office and CAMBA- a New York based agency supporting social services for over 30,000 people in the city’s five boroughs.
      A Fellow of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, his passion for art began at a young age; As a child he was surrounded by art and music, sharpening his awareness of self -expression and exposure to the creative industries. 
     At college, he received his first commission from a local hospital to paint a series of pieces named after areas of England’s Lake District. This set his foundation as an artist. Throughout his early years he focused primarily on landscapes, from Turner inspired pieces to work heavily influenced by his exposure to the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. After joining a number of art groups and collectives, including a short period as Director and Chair of the Brixton Artists Collective, his experimentation with color furthered, painting primarily with acrylics, producing figurative and abstract pieces covering a variety of themes. 
     Much of his work embodies his personal encounters as well as the exposure to history, cultures and experiences of peoples from the African diaspora. His work is also influenced by politics, societal trends and his love of music, particularly Jazz.
     Maintaining a broader interest in the arts, he continues to be involved in a number of projects, merging the visual and performing arts with education, community development and social regeneration.  The energy for his collaboration comes from a constant desire to reveal the value of the creative industries and how each discipline provides a therapeutic component and social benefit to society.

     Here is a few words from the artist himself on his role in this collaboration:

     "The artwork is through the recognizable lens of figurative and contemporary work but other pieces form a more unconventional recognition, where the use and expression of bright and vivid color, something historically associated with the diaspora, is the prominent feature.  As an avid jazz fan, my work is produced in a studio where music is the backdrop, influencing every stroke of a brush and fusion of color.  The paintings are my personal visual interpretation and dialogue with each track, connecting the music with color, motion, emotion and energy.  The images marry with many, if not all of Darryl's compositions, but my wish is to invite others to connect each image and composition as they wish, to form their own unique interpretation.  We see things differently and hear things differently and that is what makes us human."

-David Emmanuel Noel

For more about David and to see more of his works please visit www.davidemmanuelnoelart.net 

Contact David art@davidemmanuelnoel.com